Frequently Asked Questions

What is Compost-A-Mat® made of?
The Compost-A-Mat® mats are made of cornstalks and wood fiber.

Are the mats comfortable? Will the pigs lay on them?
The green color will absorb the heat from the heat lamp providing a warm and comfortable laying area to attract the pigs.

How long will the mats last?
The Compost-A-Mat® farrowing mat is designed to last 7 to 21 days.

Can the mats be reused?
No. The whole idea behind the Compost-A-Mat® concept is that the mats are picked up and discarded after every group of pigs. This eliminates the risk of the mats carrying disease from one group of pigs to the next.

How long does it take the mat to break down in the composting process?
Mats are made of 100% carbon-based materials and therefore break down easily. In a simple composting test conducted by AURI, 2 samples of Compost-A-Mat®, measuring 8 inches by 12 inches were composted into a compost pile with an internal temperature of 170° Fahrenheit. Within a matter of two weeks, the product had broken down and would no longer stay intact with handling. Shredding the mats before adding to the compost pile will improve composting time.

Can the mats harbor outside diseases that I could bring into my barn?
The processing method to make the mats involves temperatures exceeding 370° Fahrenheit. This is more than enough to kill any disease organisms that may have been in the cornstalks and wood products used to make the mats.

Can I use the mats as feedback material for my gestating sows?
Yes! Compost-A-Mat® can provide an easy way to collect feedback material for gestating sows.

How much do the mats weigh?
Our mats are considerably lighter than the traditional rubber mats, weighing only 105 to 125 grams per square foot. This means that the farrowing mats will only weigh just over 2 pounds.

Are the mats slippery?
No, the mats provide a natural surface that's less slippery than the traditional rubber mats. This should help reduce spraddle/splay injuries often seen in the farrowing barn due to slippery mats.

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How will the Compost-A-Mat® mats come to my farm?
The mats will be shipped to the farm wrapped in plastic on pallets. Farrowing mats are 30"x36" with 400 mats per pallet.

I can't use that many mats all at once. Will the mats start to break down or get moldy before I get to use them?
Compost-A-Mats have less than 3% moisture and are wrapped in plastic when they arrive at your farm. The low moisture content will prevent them from breaking down or getting moldy before use.

Prewean Mortality tests A test involving 360 litters has been conducted comparing the Compost-A-Mat® product with the traditional rubber mat. In this trial, litters started with Compost-A-Mat® farrowing mats had an average of .67% more piglets weaned than the rubber mats.

Flammability tests have been conducted on the Compost-A-Mat® product. The tests concluded that the mats will not ignite into flame when exposed to a normal heatlamp. More details about the test are available by contacting Tony or Darryl.

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Bacteriology and PCR tests have also been conducted on the Compost-A-Mat product to find out whether the mats harbor disease organisms that might put your pigs at risk of disease. These tests found that the Compost-A-Mat® product is negative for PRRS, circovirus, strep, staph, coliforms and yeasts.